Brenda Dacres

About Me

I am putting myself forward to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of Lewisham because I believe I am the right person to unite our party, to lead our community, and to build a better future for Lewisham.

Lewisham has been my home for thirty-four years. As a single mum, I brought up my son here. With a grant from Lewisham Council, I was the first in my family to go to university. I am driven to give back to the borough that has given me so much and the community that I love. 

My parents came to England from Jamaica in the early 1960s, each in search of a better life. They are both retired. My Dad was a mechanic who retrained to become a Black Taxi driver and my Mum was an Auxiliary Nurse in the NHS. I am the eldest of their four children. 

I am active within the community, and have previously been a local primary school governor, and  PTA Secretary for a Lewisham secondary school. I have worked in I.T since 1991 as Desktop Support Officers, Service Manager, Project Manager and Data Analyst. Through my roles I have managed global teams and projects. I hold  a degree in Physical Sciences with Computing, and also a Law degree. I was called to the Bar after successfully completing the Barrister Course in 2006.

I care about supporting our local schools and teachers to give the best education, and develop our children to their fullest potential; improving and increasing affordable housing; engaging our young people and ensuring they have the services they need. I want to work towards improving employment and apprenticeship opportunities locally.

I first got involved in campaigning in 2003, when my son’s school was faced with budget cuts. I led a campaign of parents against the cuts to his school budget, helping to secure additional resources for the school. I went on to become a Parent Governor at the school, and I’ve been campaigning ever since. I campaigned to protect Lewisham Hospital from closure at the hands of the Tory Government. I have led a campaign to protect our local Post Office. I have campaigned against Tory cuts to our council. In 2013, I was selected by party members as a candidate in New Cross and was elected to represent the ward in 2014. Since being elected I have worked tirelessly; not only for New Cross, but for all of Lewisham. I also sit on the New Cross Gate Trust Board of Trustee, and the Albany Trustee Board.

Member of Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme.

Member of UNITE The Union and The Co-operative Party.

Labour to the very core, I am a socialist, a trade unionist, and a co-operator. I believe that our values – of solidarity, equality and social justice – enrich and strengthen our society. 

I have a vision for our Lewisham. As Mayor, I would:

Tackle the housing crisis by building more council and affordable homes, standing up against rogue landlords, and standing up for private tenants

Help every child reach their potential by improving our secondary schools, inspiring the next generation, and keeping our streets safe for young people

Improve Lewisham’s environment, by reducing air pollution, cleaning up our streets, and protecting our green spaces

Fight poverty by promoting the Living Wage and decent jobs for all

Promote a new and inclusive politics, with Labour members, unions and the community right at the heart of decision-making.

I passionately believe that we are stronger when we work together.

So let me know your ideas. Ask me questions (you can call me on 07507083633). And if you have the time, join our campaign today - we would love to have you on board.

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